Types of Slot Bonus Games

Internet Slots are one of the most popular games available in an internet casino. They have a huge appeal because they are easy to play and most casinos have many different themes and types of slots to choose from. Though perhaps one of the best aspects of slots are the bonus or feature games. These mini games are not only fun to play, but they also give players the chance to win bonuses such as free spins, multipliers and even cash!

Reel Based Bonus Games

There are a couple of different types of slot bonus games: reel based and non-reel based. Reel based bonus games are bonuses that occur on the slot reels. They are triggered when a player gets three or more of a feature icon on a payline. The game will pause momentarily while the feature game plays out. Reel based games are usually pretty simple, but they can have a decent impact on your game if you win them. There are a few different types of reel based bonus games that players can look out for.

Penguin Power Slot Bonus game

Penguin Power Slot Reel Bonus Game featuring penguin symbol slide - Available at Slots Oasis

  • Free Spins are exactly what they sound like. It’s a simple bonus in which players are rewarded with a number of free spins because they have three or more feature icons (sometimes called scatter icons) in a payline.
  • Cascades are a bonus feature that removes the icons in winning paylines and replaces them with new icons. This doubles the player’s chance of winning more money or bonuses.
  • Hold n’ Spin is a bonus that allows some reels to be held in position while other reels spin to double the player’s chance of winning cash or another bonus.
  • Wild features are feature icons that substitute for any icon on the board to help create winning paylines.
  • Symbol Slide is a feature that allows a certain symbol to ‘slide’ across the reels.

Non-Reel Based Bonus Games

Non-reel based bonus games are much more sophisticated than reel based bonus games in terms of graphics and play. Because of this, they are often more exciting. Like reel based games, they are triggered by three or more feature icons in a payline. When this happens, a new window is opened and the player plays a mini game for the chance to win prizes. The themes of these games are seemingly limitless, but there are only a few different types of non-reel based bonus games.

Prince of Sherwood Slot Bonus game

Prince of Sherwood Slot Non-Reel Bonus Game - Available at Slots Oasis

  • Wheel of Fortune or Wheel of Wealth is a bonus game that features a wheel with different prizes on it. The player spins the wheel and whatever it stops on is the prize won.
  • Pick a Box is the most common bonus game. This type of game doesn’t require any special skill to succeed, just good old fashion luck. Players are taken to a new screen in which there will be a few icons to pick from to gain bonus prizes.
  • Multi Level Pick a Box is the same as the Pick a Box games except that there are multiple levels. If the player picks a box with a prize in it, they are taken to the next level in which they get to pick from a greater number of icons for more prizes. The player keeps advancing until they reach the top level.
  • Pick until Pop, also known as Pick until Collect, is a feature that allows the player to keep picking until they hit the ‘pooper’ or ‘booby’ icon that ends the game.

Whether your favorite slots game uses reel based, non-reel based or a combination of both, these features are an excellent chance to win bonus prizes. Check out the Slots Casino section of BonusSlots.com for access to the best online casinos that offer slots with some of the best bonus games out there.