How do I Collect My Winnings

Since one of the major benefits of playing slots is the fast payouts, how to collect your winnings is a very important question. Collecting your winnings is as simple as playing the games. The casinos listed on Bonus Slots offer a few options. The most common include checks, wire transfers or through eWallet systems.

The preferred method of most big winners is through eWallet systems. If you’re not familiar with these – not to worry. eWallets are electronic wallets that allow you to move your money quickly and safely online. There are several providers, including Neteller, Click2Pay, MyWallet, eWalletXpress and Money Bookers. They are easy to join and provide you with the highest security when it comes to keeping your money and your details private and safe. They also offer several options for collecting your winnings after a successful night at the slots. Do a little research to find out which provider suits your needs and is supported by your favorite casino.

If you’d like to use something more traditional, the casinos listed on also offer you the options of collecting your winnings through a check or wire transfer. It’s simple. In both cases, just provide your details to the casino and wait for your winnings to arrive. Any processing times and fees are dependent on each casino, so you should double check these details before you decide if you want to use this method of collection. All of the casinos listed on Bonus Slots are dedicated to keeping your money and details safe. They have the most up-to-date security systems and a team of support officers ready to help you if you should have any questions about collecting your winnings.