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What are Bingo Bonus Slots?

Since the introduction of casino games to the Internet, online casinos have expanded on many of the games, offering even more variation than you will find in land-based casinos. Online bonus slots are a perfect example of this. From 3 reel bonus slots to 7 reel bonus slots and everything in between, there are games for every type of player. Bonus bingo slots are one of those variations.

These are hybrid slots that combine two classic games: slots and bingo. Many of these games are designed to look like a bingo game with bingo balls replacing the slot symbols. This is a key aspect of this game because instead of spinning reels, the individual balls spin in bingo bonus slots. There are still plenty of slots aspects though. This includes features like the wild symbols, scatters, and, of course, bonus games. You can find both 3 and 5 reel versions of bingo bonus slots.

How do you play Bingo Bonus Slots?

Though these games are pretty different, they are still easy to play. Like all online bonus slots, you just have to remember these three easy steps:

  1. Select your lines. As many of these games have multiple paylines, you'll need to start things off by deciding which of those lines you'd like to play. Do this by hitting the appropriate buttons on the screen.

  2. Put down a wager. Like in all multi payline games, you'll need to decide on a wager to put down per payline. The more lines you're playing, the higher your total bet will be. For example, if you're playing 25 paylines and wager 50ยข per line, your total bet will be $12.50.

  3. Hit the spin button. With your lines selected and your wager placed, all that's left it to hit spin and let the game do the work. Hopefully you'll be spinning in a winning combination.

Now, with a better understanding of these bingo bonus slots, get to an online slots casino to check it out. Or, for more information on other types of slots, check out our guides to bonus slot machines!