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What are 3 reel bonus slots?

3 reel bonus slots are probably what most people picture in their mind when they hear the word 'slots'. These classic slots are what made the game so popular as they were the first to populate the casino floors. And, with a digital makeover for online casinos, 3 reel bonus slots are still as popular as ever.

3 reel games are set apart from other slots in that they are designed to look as though they have three separate reels. Some of them may even feature that classic one-armed bandit look. In addition, they usually have a single payline and feature such iconic slot symbols as BARS, fruit, and lucky 7s. Though, since 3 reel bonus slots have been introduced to online casinos, these games have been expanded to include multiple paylines, special symbols, and even bonus slot games. They can be found in every single online casino out there, and they are still offering plenty of entertainment.

How do you play 3 reel bonus slots?

3 reel bonus slots are among the easiest online slot games to play. This is probably what makes them so popular. Just select an online casino in which you'd like to play. To make the decision easier, check out our top three recommended slots casinos. Next, select a 3 reel bonus slot from the long list of available games. Once you're in, it can be summed up in three easy steps:

  1. This first step is only applicable to those playing multi payline 3 reel bonus slots. You'll need to select the paylines that you want to play. As these games can have quite a few lines, it's often easier (and smarter) to just play them all. If you're not playing a multi payline game, just skip to the next step.

  2. Place your wager. Normally the wagering on 3 reel bonus slots is done with coins. Sometimes they will have a fixed value, and other times they'll have an adjustable value. It depends on the game you're playing. If you're playing with a fixed value coin, decide how many you'd like to wager. If you're playing with an adjustable value coin, decide how much you'd like your coin(s) to be worth. Multi payline players will want to choose their bet wisely as you don't want the total wager to be too high.

  3. Finally, hit the spin button and watch as the game takes care of the rest.

That's all there is to playing 3 reel bonus slots. Read up on 7 reel and 5 reel bonus slots to find out more about playing other types of online bonus slots. Or, jump right into the fun by playing at one of our recommended online slots casinos.